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Please take note that the delivery charge would be a flat rate of NGN500 - NGN800 and NGN1,500 express delivery for all locations on the island (Lagos State) and NGN1,500 - NGN2,500 regular delivery and NGN3,000 - NGN4,000 express delivery for all locations on the mainland (Lagos State).

Pickup is free at our nearest Ago Spots

No Period Order Time Delivery Time
3:01PM (Previous Day) - 7.00AM (Same Day) 10:30AM
7:01AM (Same Day) - 11.30AM (Same Day) 02:30PM
11:30AM (Same Day) - 3.00PM (Same Day) 05:30PM
Order Attracts an Extra Charge of NGN1,500 ANYTIME

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Agoyin on Demand.

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We do not just sell Ewa Agoyin, we sell the experience. Here at Agoyin on demand, we are so particular about giving our customers the best experience there is, in enjoying our beloved dish -Ewa agoyin, while maintaining that taste of originality. What we give you is far different from the ordinary, it is super. .. Read more..

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